Always Choose a Reliable Web Host

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If you are considering starting up a website, it’s likely you won’t know which web host to do business with. If you are a startup and don’t want to spend too much money, you may gravitate towards cheaper web hosting services. This can prove to be a big mistake and one you can easily avoid by choosing a better quality web host. Let’s take a look at why you shouldn’t cut corners while looking for a web hosting service:


1. Speed and performance of your website 

Site’s speed is a key factor that needs to be taken into account. On average, most internet users won’t wait for over two seconds for a site to load, and will just move to the next site they can find on the SERPs. Over 50% of online buyers say they are more apt to visit a site again if it loads quickly. Good site performance will also make the website more user-friendly which will improve your profitability in the long term. This is why you need to take potential website speeds into consideration when choosing a web host.


2. No uptime guarantees 

You need to make sure your site will be available for visitors as much as possible. Its also why web hosting providers advertise their ‘uptime guarantee’. This states if you opt to host with their company you can expect your site to be accessible a certain percentage of the time.

Reputable hosts generally offer a 99% or higher uptime guarantee. Most cheap hosts don’t even advertise any uptime guarantees. This is because the figures are dismal, and they don’t want to release the information publicly. A site that is constantly down wo n’t help you attract valuable traffic and will impact the reputation of your company and brand.


3. Lack of customer support 

There are a number of technicalities involved in hosting a site. Since the topic is unfamiliar, things are often bound to go wrong, which can potentially result in runtime errors, unexpected website downtimes, data loss and various other serious issues. Most only offer email support and may end up giving you a generic response which doesn’t help in any way.


4. Higher renewal cost 

Cheap web hosts use various tactics to eke out more money from unsuspecting clients. They advertise a very low price annual hosting price and domain name cost very prominently on their site.  While you pay that cost at the outset, when it’s time to renew at the end of the year, you will find that the web hosting and domain name costs have tripled. Most people fail to read the fine print before opting for a web hosting service and get ensnared by them.

A credible company like ours will never use such gimmicks. We provide clear information of costs (which will be slightly higher). But our renewal costs won’t increase each year so you know exactly how much you would be paying.


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