Limit Image Sizes in WordPress

WordPress Dashboard

To ring in the new year we just released our first WordPress plugin! It’s called Limit Image Sizes and can help save serious disk space on your server, especially if your website uses a lot of additional plugins and lots of image uploads.

After you activate the plugin you should notice a new item under the Media tab in your backend labelled “Limit Image Sizes”, if you click this you should see a page similar to this:
Limit Image Sizes

All you have to do is choose which image sizes you want disabled on your site then save the options, then going forward all images uploaded to your site will resize to the unselected sizes and the default WordPress sizes.

WordPress image sizes can quickly add up especially if you use multiple plugins since each plugin can add any amount of thumbnails. If you notice your sites uploads folder starting to take up more and more space you may want to checkout Limit Image Sizes.