The Benefits of Website Analytics

Website Analytics

It’s a common misconception that website analytics are only for global brands and large corporations. But like we said, this is a misconception. If you are spending a certain amount of money on online digital marketing strategies such as PPC, SEO and Facebook ads etc., you need to use website analytic tools.


What exactly is website analytics?

It is the process by which website traffic data is collected, analyzed and reported, for the purposes of optimizing your website and aiding decision making to meet certain business goals. Here are some benefits when properly tracking website analytics:


Know how many visitors your website gets

You want to know how many users visit your website every day, week or month. You also want to know what their geographic location is and at what times of the day they browse your site. Having a clear view of visitor traffic is crucial to understand the opportunity you have to influence/inform them. If you find that your site traffic is very low on a consistent basis (<50 visitors each day) then you might just want to review your promotional activities.


Allows you to monitor on-site visitor behavior

It’s important to have visibility of what visitors do when they land on your website. Do they look around or just leave without doing anything. Do they browse through several pages on your site or only a few? Are there certain pages most visitors linger on and what is the average exit rate? These are just some of the relevant questions you need answers to, in order to make the necessary changes to your site. Website analytics provides tracking functionality and answers to these questions; that helps you focus your attention on areas affecting the customer journey and your website’s performance.


Measuring Conversions 

Conversions are the actions/paths you want visitors to take when they land on your site. This is crucial to measuring exactly how successful or unsuccessful your website is at meeting the goals you have set. For example, are visitors watching the product video on your site, downloading an eBook and are they signing up for your newsletter or even filling up your “Contact Us” form? Website analytics has the functionality to measure these conversions allowing you to track your site’s contribution to your company’s business objectives.


Assess the performance of your campaign

When you have spent a large portion of your marketing budget on marketing campaigns to generate new customer leads and increase brand awareness, you need to know exactly how effective they are at generating traffic to your website. Using the right website analysis tools gives you this visibility and you are able to tweak your campaigns to achieve the best results.

If your site represents a crucial part of your business model, website analytics is for you. As consumers increasingly rely on the internet to search for products and services it has become more relevant than ever to use web analytics to understand how they locate your business online and interact with you.

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